Law Firm Abokal for Family Law in Berlin-Neukölln

Since our foundation, we have negotiated and tried many cases, especially in the field of family– and aliens law.

Our team:

Attorney-at-law Najat Abokal

Attorney-at-law Armaghan Naghipour

We have a shared office with attorney-at-law Moritz Lohr and attorney-at-law Benjamin Düsberg.

Thanks to the diversity of our staff, we are able to consult in the following languages:

Family Law

You are seperated and want to divorce your spouse? You want to see your children more often or you want to take them on vacation, but are not sure, if you are allowed to do so?

We wil assist you in your quest. We can give you legal advise as well as represent you extrajudicially and before the court in all matters related to family law.

The undertaking of a divorce or custody proceeding is a decision with far-reaching consequences. Often, these decisions are accompanied by emotions and fear of hurting the children and other people involved. Nonetheless, a divorce is in most cases inevitable and can also be a positive development for the parties involved. We are open to your concerns and wishes and aid you in finding the right solution.

Our emphasis is on German as well as international family law. We will give you full assistance in the following matters:

  1. Divorce and seperation
  2. International Divorce
  3. Pension Rights Adjustment
  4. Custody
  5. Visitation Rights
  6. Questions before and after the marriage
  7. Questions concerning alimony of any kind
  8. Drafting of contracts in family matters, e.g. marriage contract
  9. Assignment of an apartment
  10. Measures included in the Protection against Violence Act (Gewaltschutzgesetz)
  11. Challenge, determination and recognition of paternity
  12. Questions concerning adoption

Immigration law

We are looking forward to assist you with our knowledge and experience in matters concerning aliens law and to further your interests.

The consultation can be in Arabic, German, Persian, French and Englisch.


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Najat Abokal

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